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The why and what of our products - admin - 08-02-2023

As we are a software laboratory; we work on different problems that affect the information technology world.  However, we do not claim that we have expertise in solving ALL the problems in the IT world. Let us explain the rationale on the kind of problems we take up, and the type of solution space we search to tackle those problems.

Problem selection
  • We mostly take up problems that affect the business world.
  • Of those problems, we are attracted to those problems that affect the business' usage of the Internet.

  • We lean towards those problems that have not yet been fully tackled by others -- or are poorly tackled by others.

  • As our founder is an architect, with a lot of experience in designing and finding solutions for the built-environment, many of our problem statements are motivated by the fact that the world is now integrating two different kind of "spaces" -- one is the spaces of the real built-environment and the other is "cyberspace" Many do not realize this: The entire world is at a cusp of a revolution where soon practically everyone will be living in both the kind of spaces. In fact it is already happening -- We visit a coffee and exist both in the coffee shop as well as inside a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter thread. it is high time that architects such as our founder contributes deeply into finding solutions for this unique living situation we are getting into. For far too long, bad architecture theories have been corrupting the real world spaces. And now the cyberspace is also getting corrupted by bad theories on the architecture of that space too!

Solution search space
  • Due to our founders competence in the world of architecture, several solutions from our laboratory use real-world architecture paradigms. Such as architecture floor plans forming the basis on which actual work gets done in our products.

  • For the same reason as above, several of our products and platforms are graphical in nature. We lean towards 2D and studiously avoid esoteric tech such as VR and AR -- the reasons for this avoidance are mentioned elsewhere in our website and this discussion forum.

  • Several products we develop are full blown "SaaS" (Software As A Service) that work in browsers. However, we also take up products whose solutions are offered by what we call as "Hybrid-SaaS" where part of the solution works on a regular computer (desktops/laptops) and the other part works on the Internet (sometimes using a browser based application) The reason for such "Hybrid-SaaS" is explained in more detail elsewhere in this forum

  • We are highly concerned about protecting our user's privacy. So we rarely make attempts to collect our user's email addresses; as we hardly send out any marketing information via email. (NOTE: We do collect email address for the purpose of sending out critical information) In some of our solutions, we have implemented an inward SMS (Text) messaging system to carry out registration and other useful activities.

    What is an "inward" SMS? That means, it is an SMS the user knowingly sends to a special number we manage in order to achieve some purpose with us. This is quite different from an SMS that gets pushed into your phone. We simply do not do that kind of pushing. That is just spam, according us (and many others). We do not like spam.

  • We have a "platform" first approach when developing a solution. That means, when we solve a problem, we do not solve a problem so that only a business gets its benefits. But we try to solve it in such a way that the solution itself becomes a "platform" where several allied problems can all be solved by some businesses catering to other businesses with some extra custom coding and/or configurations. That means, our solution itself becomes a revenue making system for some businesses.  That means you can look at us as a B-2-B-2-B kind of company. Not just a B-2-B one!