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Critical thinking and Design Thinking Workshop (Webinar based) - admin - 08-02-2023

Critical Thinking and Design Thinking have to be understood together. It is not possible to practice design thinking, if your critical thinking capabilities are not in order. Indian institutes typically do not have any intensive course on either of these topics. The result is that a lot of fresh graduates (and often even those who are into the field) make a lot of fallacious mistakes and cannot weed out their own cognitive biases during their work.

Such a state of affairs hampers productivity and efficiency of the person himself/herself. But it can also result in a lot more serious errors too:  Teamwork can be seriously hampered if one indulges in incorrect thinking and argumentation. In certain (hopefully rare) instances, it can even result in loss of life. For example; the deep-sea adventure diving that killed five people when visiting the shipwreck of Titanic has been attributed to lack of critical thinking on the part of the founder of that adventure company.   

Our founder, Sabu Francis, has given training on this topic at MIT(Pune) for their Business Innovation Program for several years.  A three week program was also conducted for the Hyderabad office of a US healthcare IT company in 2022.

If you are interested in conducting a training session on these two topics for your office/institution; do let us know. Either write a reply here or send us a private message after registering here. The workshop will only be conducted online; as per the available time-slots of our founder; Sabu Francis.