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Career guidance and motivational workshop for final year students - admin - 08-02-2023

Our founder; Sabu Francis, has been also a respected teacher. He has over 30+ years experience in teaching adolescents undergoing professional courses -- both architecture as well as in IT. For three years, he was the head of the IT department of a college in Pune, India (2009-2012) Several of his students have gone on to make notable progress in their respective fields.

One of the key problems when teaching adolescents who are in professional courses is that current syllabi often just talks about the "what" and not much about the "why" Also; the system is not conducive to tap into the highly charged-up brains of teenagers. Neuroscience tells us that the typical adolescent brain has over 30% more synapses than the working adult brain. If those synapses are not fully utilized, they are pruned away naturally. At the same time, these fresh brains are still developing the axion sheaths needed to improve the efficiency of the working of the brain. Without proper guidance, the decision making of these teens are rather slow. Sabu's vast experience and knowledge in teaching can be very useful to motivate students before they set out into the world and make them self-aware of the potential they hold. 

India has the largest corpus of youths in the world. It would be a crying shame if the intelligence of these fresh minds are not properly motivated and harnessed.

If you run an institution, and resonate with the above thoughts, and would want Sabu to conduct a talk for you; do let us know. This talk will have to be conducted physically in your premises for better connection.